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Indian Rhythms Book / CD *CLEARANCE! – Indian Rhythms for Drumset Book and CD by First-Call World-Percussionist Pete Lockett. Dispelling the mystery and simplifying the complexity of Southern IndiaÆs classic Carnatic rhythmic system, Indian Rhythms for Drumset is the first book of its kind to apply authentic Indian rhythms to the modern drumset. Indian Rhythms for Drumset, which is written by world-class percussionist and world drumming expert Pete Lockett, provides a clear explanation of Indian rhythms and counting systems and gives players a step-by-step resource for adapting and successfully incorporating these concepts into their playing. The book includes a CD that contains easy-to-access MP3 files with LockettÆs demonstrations of nearly 200 exercises from the book and also features three play-along tracks mixed both with and without drums.

Indian Rhythms for Drumset first explains the history and use of traditional Indian vocal syllables known as solkattu or konnakol to count irregular rhythmic groupings. The book then covers the South-Indian rhythmic approach in particular detail, featuring topics such as phrase development, groove concepts, syncopation, rhythmic modulations, solo concepts and intricate stickings that can be applied to jazz, rock, funk and many other contemporary musical styles. Although the bookÆs exercises are aimed specifically at drumset players, the concepts, analysis, rhythmic systems and explanations of the Indian rhythmic material are also relevant to all types of drummers as well as percussionists, composers and other instrumentalists. Softcover Book approx. 9″ x 12″ and 135 pages.

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