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Mic Holder For Hi-Hat – Finally! Drummers have been looking for the best way to mic their sets and the answer is here at last. The Mic Holder For Hi-Hats eliminates the need for any cumbersome mic stands or bulky claw attachments which get in the way and make your drum set look cluttered. It is specially designed to hold any microphone while being extremely compact. The mic holder attaches easily and quickly and can be semi-permanently mounted on your hardware. Since it uses no stands or clamps, the Mic Holder For Hi-Hats gives your set-up a more streamlined, eye-pleasing appearance on stage that you cannot get otherwise. It is shock-mounted for anti-vibration and is designed to make set-up and breakdown time easier. No drummer should be without this invaluable drum set accessory! Made with a durable chrome over steel construction. (Microphone and Drum not included.) 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Adjustable. Approx. 17″ L.

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