Neil Ellwood Peart (The Professor) – “Limelight” Lyric Portrait” – Signed – Not just another picture of Neil Peart; this amazing work of art is actually drawn entirely from hand-lettered words to the 1981 Rush song, ‘Limelight’. Black and white ‘pen and ink’ print on thick, white cardstock. / Size: 11”H x 14”L

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“In order to create a drawing in the likeness of Neil Peart without using an image people are all used to seeing, as in a famous photo from the media or albums, I paused the Exit Stage Left live concert numerous times to find the right head-shot of Neil to use for my reference. Then, the first stage of the drawing is to sketch lightly his likeness and basic shadow lines in blue pencil. This sketch can be left un-erased since blue will not show up in subsequent black and white printing processes. This is the same technique employed by comic book artists and is the same principle behind the movie special effect known as blue-screen (or green-screen).

After the likeness is accurately captured, I scan the sketch, print it out on a separate piece of paper and begin inking it. This way, there are always two original drawings to sell, the blue pencil sketch and the final inked lyric portrait piece.” – Forrest Young

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