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Neil Peart Signature Sticks – Brick of 6 – If they’re a Neil Peart fan, this is THE perfect gift! Splurge on signature drumsticks dedicated to one of the most popular rock drummers in history, Neil Peart (of the infamous band, Rush). Made by leading drumstick manufacturer Pro-Mark, these artist-inspired sticks are designed in the likeness of the actual drumsticks Neil Peart uses. The unique sticks are made of Shira Kashi Japanese Oak and have a wood teardrop tip. A great gift for drummers and fans of Neil Peart and the band Rush. Includes 6 pairs of drum sticks individually paired. Each drumstick is approximately 16.25″ L with a diameter of 0.551″.

Neil Peart Drumsticks at DRUM BUM!

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American Hickory – Rock 747

The 747 Rock drumstick is one of the most popular drumsticks among drummers because of it’s medium size and weight. Add to that the most famous rock drummer’s signature and you’ve got yourself a winner. The Neil Peart Promark, 747 Millennium II drumstick is one of the finest and most popular drumsticks on the market today. / Hickory / Medium Weight and Diameter (Like a 5A but longer with a thicker taper and larger tip.)  Six  pack (6 pairs of drumsticks). Model TX747W Tip: Wood/Oval – Lacquer Finish

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