Hickory Drumsticks, Size 5A, Wood Tip – Quality, at an affordable price. Among the most popular line of drumsticks ever used are 5A Hickory Drumsticks. Drummers like the way they feel in their hands and the wood tip sounds so good and natural on the cymbals as opposed to synthetic tips. As well, hickory wood is a stronger wood and lasts much longer than maple drumsticks. The On-Stage brand delivers a solid, hickory stick at a very competitive price. The best part? They’re made right here in America! / Includes 1 pair.

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42 in stock



42 in stock

5A Hickory Drumsticks

  • Hickory wood for medium weight and mild flexibility with a wood tip for warm cymbal tone
  • Straight and durable for precise playing and dependable performance
  • Wood is seasoned and kiln-dried to ensure stability and prevent warping
  • Made in the USA

5A Hickory Drumsticks - On Stage

More Information:
To play with precision you need sticks that are straight and durable. To deliver these qualities, the wood-tip AMH5AW Hickory Drum Sticks have been kiln dried, sanded, and sealed. Hickory construction provides medium weight, mild flex, and high durability.

On-Stage, 5A hickory drumsticks are made by Promark. Promark was acquired by D’Addario in 2011. So while there are 3 different brands at play here, the origin of the sticks are Promark, but 3rd party labeled as On Stage.


Want to buy drumsticks in bulk? Contact us for bulk pricing. We also have blank drumsticks for sale and custom drumsticks. If you have custom art that you would like to have imprinted on drumsticks, we can do that for you!

Buy American made Drumsticks. Made in the USA is the way to go!

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