Personalized Leather Stickbag – When Ringo Starr owns this bag, you know it’s a good choice! Give your favorite drummer a custom, personalized gift that he or she will use and cherish for many years to come! The Personalized Leather Stickbag is a high quality drumstick bag that can have a drummer’s name etched onto it making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift! The stickbag is expertly crafted per order from quality top grain leather that is fully lined, with the same leather throughout, and has a tough fiber filler between the inside and outside layers. See more below.

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The seams are sewn with quality bonded nylon thread, for longevity, and all the stress points have extra stitches. On the outside of the bag, there are two flapped pockets for carrying your drum key, moon gel, etc. Inside, there is one large pocket divided into three sections and a flap that protects the sticks when the bag is closed. When you open the bag, the flap goes to the back, pulling the handle down out of the way. The bag attaches to the side tom by way of two S hooks. There is an additional S hook in each top corner for hanging a drum key and open brushes. The bag closes securely with Velcro straps, and has a filled leather handle that is strong and comfy. If that wasn’t everything, this unique gift comes very nicely packaged in a gift box for that special recipient.

    • USA handmade of rich leather
    • Will not tear or crack like nylon or vinyl
    • No zippers to break or scratch your set
    • Sharp ends will not wear through pockets
    • Designed for fast worry-free change outs on a dark stage
    • Easy and comfortable to carry
    • Designed to last for many years

*Please put the name to be personalized in the “Order Notes” box when checking out.

The Personalized Leather Stickbag is extremely durable and will not will not tear or crack like nylon or vinyl bags as it is designed to last for over 10 years. There are also no zippers to break or scratch your set. This custom drumstick bag was designed for pro drummer, Gary Sullivan (member of the Western Swing Hall of Fame), using his specifications for the “ultimate” stickbag back in 1990 and he is still using the same original bag. This custom, personalized, leather stickbag is made with the serious drummer in mind. So treat your favorite drummer (or yourself!) with this stickbag that will last a long time. Also, the ability to personalize it with any name makes this bag stand out far from any ordinary stickbags. Approx 19″ L. *Please note: This item is non-returnable.

“I was totally amazed by the workmanship and the quality of the leather. Let’s be straight: this is, without a doubt, the Rolls-Royce of stick bags, so much so that for the first 2 weeks I was reluctant to take it out of the house! But to keep it locked away would be a bit like owning a Ferrari and never driving it, so I finally plucked up the courage and took it with me on gigs and sessions. It is very compact, and yet holds exactly what’s needed for most gigging drummers: Several pairs of sticks, brushes, blastiks etc… The protective flap (which folds over the sticks in their compartments) is a nice idea, as is the way it stands up on its own when you close it. There is a really sturdy handle on the top, too. On the outside there are a couple of useful pockets for drum keys etc… The whole thing attaches to the floor tom by way of 2 well-placed hooks. A lot of thought has gone into the ergonomics of this bag, I can tell.” – Charlie Morgan, drummer for Elton John and session drummer for Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, and many more.

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