Peter Magadini Jazz Drums DVD – In this information-packed DVD, master jazz drummer and clinician Peter Magadini reveals the essential ingredients of jazz drumming. Inspirational live performances, concise explanations, demonstrations and exercises provide a comprehensive overview of traditional and contemporary jazz drumming styles and techniques, including: playing the jazz ride cymbal ò playing with a ôtwoö feel ò the ride cymbal and independence ò jazz form and structure ò Latin and Latin jazz patterns, including Samba, Cascara and more ò techniques for improvising on the drumset ò playing fours and eights ò how to trade solos with the band ò brush technique ò interpreting drum charts in all styles ò jazz-rock fusion ò and more. Includes a booklet with notated examples of the exercises and patterns on the DVD, with extra details of on-screen demonstrations. 72 minutes. **Please note: Opened media is non-returnable.

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