Rhythmic Visions & Horizons DVD Combo Set – This packages includes both the Rhythmic Visions and Rhythmic Horizons DVDs. Gavin Harrison’s highly-acclaimed and cutting edge books Rhythmic Illusions and Rhythmic Perspectives have earned him 10-star reviews and were voted in the top five of the Best Drum Publications category of Modern Drummer magazine. The Rhythmic Visions DVD provides an in-depth look at the complete Rhythmic Illusions concept, featuring: lessons on displacement, lessons on modulation, lessons on subdivisions and spacings, master modulation exercises, four-way harmonic syncopation, five full-length performances, alternative audio mixes with and without click tracks, on-screen notation, subtitles in German and Italian, and much more. 70 minutes.

The Rhythmic Horizons DVD provides fresh concepts in rhythmic structure and creative ideas for drumset composition. It includes: lessons on overriding, resolving, and poly-rhythmic theory; five full-length performances including a special arrangement of Porcupine Tree’s ôFutileö; play-along MP3s and MIDI files; printable PDFs of all lessons; subtitles in German and Italian; and much more. 2 hrs 20 minutes

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