Shit List Mug – Our Shit List Mug will give you something to think about while having your coffee or tea! The clipboard shaped mug can be written on easily with a dry erase marker (not included). Make your list (that would be your shit list) and check it twice! This is one list YOU don’t want to be on! The perfect gag gift or white elephant gift for your office party. Sturdy ceramic mug. Dishwasher safe. Mug holds 12oz.


16 in stock



16 in stock

Need a unique, interesting of funny gag gift that will stand out from the crowd? Don’t be afraid to take a risk with this hilarious mug. Do us all a favor and give enough of a shit about their present that they’ll know you put some thought behind it, lol. Seriously, who doesn’t have a shit list? Now they can write it on their mug and be the hit of the office. Or maybe your favorite mom friend can write their kid’s name on this mug when they’ve done something bad. What a fun way to keep your kids in line while sending an all important message that they’d better shape up! This hilarious mug is manufactured by Big Mouth toys and would make a great gag gift or white elephant gift.

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