Soft-Stix Drum Sticks provide the ultimate practice drum stick. The soft, but durable coating allows anyone to play on almost any surface without denting, marring, or scratching (NO PRACTICE PAD NECESSARY). These highly responsive sticks also greatly reduce the sound level; which makes practice more enjoyable for everyone. Drumming Fitness instructors and those using drum cardio classes love these as it makes a room full of drumming a whole lot quieter. And the grip is amazing! Available in colors; red, blue, black, yellow, white, dark red, and glow-in-the-dark. / Size 5A, 16″ in length.


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Soft-Stix are just play’n fun!! Twirling and air drumming sessions will never be the same. You won’t even realize that you’re building muscle memory and proper sticking techniques; which are key components in developing as a drummer. Bottom line — Drumming should be enjoyable. Lighten up and grab some Soft-Stix!!

Stick Length: 16″
Stick Weight: 2.5 oz



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