The Evolution of Blast Beats Book with CD – The first ever method book on how to play Blast Beats explores the world of metal drumming with an in-depth look from extreme metal drummer Derek Roddy. Roddy provides practical insight into such genres of metal such as speed metal, grindcore, and death metal by delving into the history of the genres rise and providing the basic techniques used to learn and play the high-speed blast beat drum patterns. This extreme drumming, blast beats book comes with an audio CD that features blast beat exercises, examples, and music tracks for drummers to play along to for practice. The blast beats drum lessons and blast exercises will help drummers develop their sense of balance and increase their overall foot and hand speed on the drumset. Also included, are three exclusive tracks (provided both with drums and without drums) with transcriptions for extra drumming fun. 1 Book with 1 CD.

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2 in stock

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