Ultimate Drummer’s Tool – Every drummer knows that drumsets need regular maintenance. Now, you can have all the tools you need in one with the Ultimate Drummer’s Tool! This multi-tool, with 14 tools in one, drum accessory has everything you need to fix issues on drumkits of all makes and models! It comes with a T-Handle drum key, multiple screwdrivers including a 5mm slotted, as well as #1 and #2 Phillips drivers. What makes this multi-tool really special is the vast collection of inch and metric hex wrench sizes to handle all of your drumset hardware parts including the pedals! Each tool piece is heat-treated with S2 alloy and has a chrome finish. Top it off with a sleek, red finish and this is the must have gift for any drummer!

2 in stock



2 in stock

Cruise through your drum tuning with not only standard drum tuning keys but even extra tools for drum adjustments. This custom drum tool, designed exclusively for drummers, looks like a Swiss army knife the way it folds out. Practical and convenient, there is no better drumkit tool for a drummer to have on hand at all times. All tools within this unique device are forged to precision with top notch engineering quality. This valuable drummer accessory is super compact and small enough to fit in the pocket of a drummer’s stick bag. Measures only 3.75″ long and 1.5″ wide when folded. Note: Latest version of this tool is branded with Groovetech, not Cruz Tools, as in picture.

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the drummer in your life, look no further than DrumBum.com. Since 1999, we’ve specialized in gifts for drummers and cool accessories that help them drum up some beats just a little easier. Enter this Ultimate Drummer’s Tool. There’s no need for him/her to carry around clunky tools when this ‘all in one’ tool does the trick! From screwdrivers and hex tools to yup, even a drum key, this handy little device will bring a smile to their face on that birthday or Christmas day. For drummer gifts and unique music gifts for any musician, Drum Bum is the place!

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