Workout Exercise Drumsticks – These high-quality workout drumsticks are a great addition to your exercise routine. Made from a heavy duty, rigid polymer these sticks also feature a soft, comfortable grip for easy handling during your aerobic workout! Each stick weighs approx. 3.1 oz. and provides just the right amount of resistance for fitness aerobic classes. Buy in quantity and save! See our other weighted, fitness drumsticks! These don’t seem to break! We’ve been selling this model for 15 years and have never received a return!

More Fitness and Cardio Drumming Drumsticks

14 in stock



14 in stock

Cardio Drumsticks are all the rage due to the recent fitness drumming craze! Classes have sprung up everywhere that emphasize exercise and fitness. Cardio drumming has soured and customers are looking for reliable cardio drumsticks that can withstand the rigorous drum routines.  Well, we’ve got those sticks! Order a pair today and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back for more.

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