Here are our Top Picks for Drummer Gifts! 

After 20 years specializing in gifts for percussionists, we know a thing or two about what drummer’s want. Take heed ladies and gentlemen, here our top 10 suggestions for best gifts for the percussionist in your life.

#1 Drummer’s Tuning Tool – We picked the drummer’s tool as one of our first cool drummer accessories because it’s so practical. This 14 piece tool includes not only a drum key for tuning drum lugs but numerous other screw drivers and hex drivers for tweaking the drums or drum hardware. See all Drummer Gifts

Drum Multi Tool

#2 Personalized Drumsticks – When it comes to the perfect gift, something personalized is always nice. Consider a nice pair of drumsticks with their name on them that they can display on their clothes dresser or in a case in their study or office. This particular pair features ‘engraved’ personalization which is nicer than ‘imprinting’. See all Drummer Gifts

personalized drumsticks

#3 Drumset Stationery Pad and Sticks – This is one of our favorites! A clever idea for the perfect present to bring a smile to their face. This colorful stationery notepad, featuring a 5 piece drumset, is also a mock drum kit for practicing with your drumsticks. The drumsticks say, “Drum Up Some Ideas”. What fun! See all Drummer Gifts

drummer stationery set

#4 Drum Bum Sling Carry Bag – We’re a bit partial to our branded carry bag but it’s because it’s lightweight, has slots and pockets for accessories and is just an all around useful gift for any student or professional. Add to that our famous logo and you’ve got the perfect gift! See all Drummer Gifts

drumbum carry bag

#5 – Drumsticks Holder –  You know what really dresses up a room? This cool drumsticks holder that holds up to 25 pair of drumsticks! It’s clear acrylic finish stays out of the way so that it shows off the drum sticks themselves. Use it to dress up a room while keeping your sticks in order. See all Drummer Gifts

drumstick holder display rack

#6 Drumsticks Fire Necklace – Their passion for drumming runs hot and this drumsticks necklace reflects that emotion while offering a unique gift to your favorite drummer or percussionist. This unique drum necklace is a sure fire winner! See all Drummer Gifts

drumstick fire necklace

#7 Drumset Money Clip – The best gift is something they will use time and again. This drummer’s money clip with a silver drumset charm fits the bill – the $100 bill they’ll make on their next gig! You can’t go wrong with this one. A classy, practical gift idea that will last for years. See all Drummer Gifts

drummer money clip with drumset

#8 Zildjian Cymbal Clock – You can’t go wrong with the most popular cymbal brand in the world. Chances are, the drummer you’re buying for has at least one or two of these cymbals in their arsenal. Now, they can hang that famous brand cymbal on their wall as a functioning wall clock. See all Drummer Gifts

zildjian cymbal wall clock from

#9 – Metal Drummer Creature – The ultimate conversation piece and one of our favorites! This artistic drummer figurine will be the hit of their party whether it’s a birthday gift, Christmas gift or to celebrate their drumming excellence. See all Drummer Gifts

metal drummer figurine



#10 Drum Bum Logo T-shirt. A very popular gift for drummers over the last 20 years has been our drum bum logo tee. It comes in 5 different colors and instantly sends the message of drumming passion. See all Drummer Gifts

drumbum t-shirt logo

So that’s it folks, our top 10 drummer gift picks for 2019. All great things related to drums, drumming, drummers and percussion. Whether it be cool music accessories, snazzy jewelry, clothing or drum stuff to decorate the home, you can’t go wrong with these drummer gifts!

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