Life’s a Drag T-Shirt

Life’s a Drag T-Shirt *FREE SHIPPING! – This witty drum T-shirt may only be gotten by drummers at first but it is sure to strike up a conversation with people outside of the “loop”. The “Life’s a Drag” T-Shirt features one of the standard drum rudiments (the drag rudiment) on the front of a black T-shirt presented in bold white lettering. The wording on the T-shirt incorporates the musical notation of the drag rudiment so that it plays off of the saying “Life’s a Drag”. However in this case the message is positive. The drummer’s life is in fact a drag… and a paradiddle, and a roll, and every other drum rudiment! A fun reference to drumming that every drummer can wear! Professionally screen-printed 100% cotton, pre-shrunk t-shirt featuring the attractive and popular “Drum Gear” apparel logo on the left sleeve. Available in MD, LG, XL, and XXL.

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