Spoon Guy Drummer Piggy Bank

Spoon Guy Drummer Piggy Bank – Save your spare change and look cool while doing it with this Spoon Guy Drummer Piggy Bank! At first glance this supercool item looks like just a figurine but take a second look and you will find it has a piggy bank! The figurine is made of steel spoons and forks in the shape of a person playing a drum. A slot is formatted in the “drum” to collect your change and it can be retrieved by unscrewing the top of the “drum”. Of course this product can be used to store any small accessory items, not just money. How about it be a special place to keep your drum tuning keys? – This is one of our favorites and will make an especially unique gift idea for the drummer in your life! Measures 11.25″ H x 4.75″ W.

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