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Drum Key PLUS! – 4 Way Tuning Key

Drum Key PLUS! – 4 Way Tuning Key – Need a really cool and useful drum accessory as a gift for your favorite drummer? This exciting new  key features not only the standard drum tuning key but also the most used 3 metric hex wrenches to cover the most common sizes of gear found on drum hardware such as drum pedals. This awesome new tool brings functionality to a whole new level. And what about quality?  The centerpiece of the drum key is a forged (not cast) to precision tolerances making it a very reliable piece of drum gear.  The skeleton of this cool new key is made of top-grade chrome vanadium steel, wrapped in a polypropylene jacket to provide a great feel while tuning. This exciting key is relatively the same size as most standard drum keys. It’s likely to be your drummer’s most favorite drum key.

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