Fat Cat Dual-Adjustable Snappy Snares for 14″ Drum

Fat Cat Adjustable Snares – If you’re looking for a cool drum accessory that your special drummer may not have yet, this is it. Snares are those little wires that rest on the bottom of a snare drum that make it buzz. Most drummers just work with the ones that come on the snare drum by default but as they get more tech savvy, they start to understand how to get even more sounds from the drum and have more control over it. The Fat Cat adjustable snares all for more strands (24 in all) which provide a richer sound from the snare drum. And they are ‘tuneable’ in that they can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. This allows for experimentation and often even a fuller sounding snare drum than what the default snares would usually allow. / 24 Strand model to fit a standard 14″ snare drum.

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