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Custom Drumstick Keychains

100 Custom Drumstick Keychains – Introducing our custom imprinted drumstick keychains – the perfect promotional tool for music enthusiasts and businesses that wish to use the drumming them in their promotion! These miniature drumstick keychains not only showcase your brand in a unique and memorable way but also resonate with the rhythm of your audience.  – Get it? 😊

Whether you’re a music school, recording studio, or simply looking to strike a chord with your target audience at the trade show, these drumstick keychains make for a fun and functional giveaway. Customize them with your band or brand’s logo, slogan, or any design of your choice to create a lasting impression that ‘sticks’ with your customers. See what we did there? 😎 – Sale is for 100 individual drumstick keychains.

Smooth finish. Approx size 4″.  | See below for more information.


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