Blank 5A Drumsticks

Blank Drum Sticks – 6 pair – Tired of breaking and replacing your expensive drumsticks? Well now you can play drums with these lighter, maple sticks. These sticks are straight and sturdy just like the expensive drumsticks but they simply don’t carry a brand name like Pro-mark or Vic Firth, so this saves you money! Currently available with wood tips in size 5A. This is a standard drumstick size. An attractive pair of drumsticks at an absolutely terrific price! Size 5A (approx. 16 ” Long x 9/16″ in diameter) and lightly finished. These drumsticks are not only great for light to medium playing and throwing out to the crowd but make ideal promotional drumsticks as they are blank and priced right for giveaways. Please note, the tip of the drumsticks may vary slightly in shape than what is pictured. Includes 6 pair for $2.99 each (regularly $5 a pair).

Cool Drumsticks at DRUM BUM

We also sell drumsticks in bulk. If you need significantly larger quantities of blank drumsticks for printing, we can provide a discount. Call us at 1-800-378-6286. We’ve got cheap drumsticks as well as quality-made and we can custom imprint with your personalized name or company logo. 

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