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Stick Flip – Stick Flipper

Stick Flip – You’ll flip over Stick Flip! – Looking for a fun music gift for your drummer? The Stick Flip is an amazing, innovative way to add some flair and showmanship to your drumming performance. It perfectly flips your drumstick in the air every time sending it twirling to the heavens much to your audience’s delight. The Stick Flip can be mounted on practically any acoustic drum rim (snares, toms, bass drum, etc). Each flip is precise and consistent. The more down pressure applied on the drumstick equals the higher and faster the drumstick is launched skyward. Not only does it provide a show stealing visual effect, it is also very functional as it Glows-in-the-Dark for increased visibility in dark places, and can be used as an extra drumstick holder. Made from durable ABS plastic. No assembly required. Easy mounting. A great additions to your drums!

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22 in stock